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We focus on Software and System Engineering in Enterprise Development, Cyber Security, ML/AI, and Cloud solution spaces. We excel at delivering stable and reliable software solutions using Agile software development principles. These provide us the capability to deliver a quick turnaround using interactive applications and the integration of industry standard software stacks.

Our Leadership

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Our Leadership Team has 20+ years of technical experience, contributing actively on projects to keep a pulse on what is current and determine what is the future. We are skilled in building custom software in the DoD, IC, and Commercial sectors. These diverse experiences bring a variety of business collaborations to the forefront.

Our Headquarters team is small, but mighty. We wear many hats to ensure our business runs like a well-oiled machine. We place emphasis on our People, Operations, Human Resources, Talent Management, Finance, and Contracts. No matter what challenge lies ahead, we will Make IT Happen!

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Chris Schneck
Chris Schneck established GliaCell in 2012. With over 25 years of technical achievement, Chris has extensive knowledge of innovative software architecture and development in the intelligence community. When he is not supporting the mission onsite, Chris is spearheading the growth and development of GliaCell as President.
Bob Rosekrans
Bob Rosekrans joined GliaCell in October 2022 as the Chief Technology Officer, while also leading the charge in development and modernization for one of GliaCell's largest contracts. Bob has over 20 years of technical leadership experience in the computer industry and intelligence community combined.
Mike Fletcher
Mike Fletcher has been an integral part of building GliaCell’s engineering team since February 2016 as Director of Talent Management. Mike is driven by helping others find their perfect career match and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. With his friendly demeanor and organic approach, Mike makes the hiring process easy and streamlined.
Kayla Hunter
Kayla Hunter is the Director of Operations and has been with GliaCell since May 2021. Kayla continually fosters relationships with the engineering team and cultivates an environment where they are supported on and off contract. She enjoys building training plans and hosting inclusive events for family, friends, or business partners that are sure to be remembered.
Tabitha Dunn
Tabitha Dunn is the Finance and Contracts Administrator and has been with GliaCell since May 2021 upon graduating from UMGC and after working for a few small tech startups. Tabitha has an eye for organization and precision, which allows our contracts, payroll, and benefit systems to run seamlessly. Need a deadline met? She is your person.

Core Competencies

Enterprise Development

  • Specialize in real-time streaming and Big Data Analytic Solutions.
  • Data Ingest/Normalization, REST Service, Web Application Development, API/Library Design, and Signal Processing.
  • Use rapid software development prototyping to implement mission critical services to ensure our development lines up to our customer’s needs.

Cyber Security

  • Design and develop tools and test infrastructure in Python and C++. Specialize in CNE, CND and CNO.
  • Perform source code, reverse engineering, kernel development, exploit tool development, operating system internals, and mobile exploit development.
  • Setup complex testing environments (VMs) with specific patches, languages, security settings, and networks.

Infrastructure and DevOps

  • Deploy customer systems in AWS and Azure using containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Implement microservices and integrated custom authentication and security requirements.
  • Deliver scalable, distributed solutions for storing, analyzing, retrieving, and alerting as well as visualization of data intensive problems.

Machine Learning and AI

  • Develop frameworks and services used by 200+ analysts to develop, test, and deploy machine learning models.
  • Build smart systems that can mimic human intelligence through extracting knowledge through data and machine learning techniques.

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